Friday, February 23, 2007

Look, no hands!

Carrying produce on the head leaves hands free for exchanging money.

Tipitaka in myanmar script

World's largest book was once engraved in gold.

The world's largest book

Each of the 729 marble tablets has its own little pagoda, originally topped by precious gems until stolen by the British. The contents is the Tipitaka in pali in myanmar script.

Misty morning in Mogok

Mogok is much colder on account of being in the mountains in the north east.

Pagodas in Mogok

Mogok is normally closed to foreigners, but because we were a dhamma group going to the opening ceremony for a new meditation centre we were allowed in.

World's largest bell

The world's largest whole bell - sounds pretty loud when you stand inside it.

Myanmar method of rowing

Rowing standing up and pointing frontwards is not the western way, but it works well in Myanmar.

Golden pagodas by the score

In Mandalay.

Writings of Ledi Sayadaw

Ledi Sayadaw was a 19th century monk who was well respected for both is practice and knowledge of theory and the modern growth in the spread of Vipassana may be traced back to his restarting teaching Vipassana to lay people.